My Top 5 Favorite Pairs of Jeans

Happy Friday! If you guys have been following me for a while, you know I literally live in jeans on a daily basis. I get a lot of questions on where my jeans are from and have had a few requests to pull together a post on them, so here it is!

I have quite the denim collection and I feel like I’m always adding to it—the jeans in picture above are my most recent pair I got and they are now sold out (sad face) but this pair is super similar! I’m a BIG fan of stem hem jeans like these.

I know Jean shopping isn’t always the most fun, but finding that perfect pair of jeans always makes it worth it! For me, I need at least little stretch in my denim and I’m a stickler when it comes to length. I tend to go for a lot of cropped pairs because I can’t stand it when my jeans are all bunchy at the ankles or I have to roll them a million times.

Most of the jeans I own fall under the $100 range and are either from Nordstrom, Express or American Eagle and if I am going to buy designer my first stop is usually always Nordstrom Rack first—they have an amazing selection of designer jeans for a fraction of the price.

My biggest tips for buying jeans is to try them on and don’t get caught up on the size! Not all brands and styles run the same. Generally I tend to try on at least 2 sizes in a pair of jeans to see which one gives me the perfect fit. Sometimes that means going down a size and sometimes that means going up a size.

One of my favorite, reasonably priced brands is Articles of Society. They always have the cutest trendy jeans and most of them run around $60. I have this pair, this pair and this pair and LOVE them all.

I got this pair of Joe’s jeans this summer and these are probably my most asked about pair. I also live in this pair by J Brand and have considered getting another pair of them because I wear them sooo much. Every girl needs a perfect dark pair of jeans and these are them! I realize designer jeans aren’t for everyone, but they the quality really makes them worth it, in my opinion, especially if you wear jeans as much as I do!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

xx, Lisa

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